Commercial Architecture

Commercial Architectural Design in Long Beach and Nearby

Commercial construction projects need architecture firms that provide architectural design services consistent with the goals of the businesses they design spaces for.  When an architectural design firm creates commercial building design plans, the firm takes into account all the necessary code requirements, as well as how building occupants will use the building and experience its environment.

Good commercial construction design means user friendly spaces that meet building owner budgets and timelines as well as tenant needs.

We have over 23 years of experience in commercial architecture so we know that strong partnerships between architects and clients mean successful commercial design projects. Whether you’re the landlord or business tenant, we make sure you are well informed.  We advocate for your interests and we collaborate closely so that our design solutions, from architectural drawings to building plans, through construction, exceed your requirements.

About Architectural Design for Commercial Buildings and Projects

The planning and administrative phases of commercial building projects can be complex.  We guide our clients through these complexities to make the commercial building process run smoothly.  Our architectural design services and engineering services meet and exceed clients’ goals for their buildings.  We advise on bidding contractors and add support for building owners throughout the commercial design and building process.

Our staff and consultants understand and address your concerns that include site planning, space planning, electrical and energy efficiency upgrades, ADA compliance, plumbing, mechanical, interior design and commercial landscaping.  We work to make both new construction and tenant improvements timely and cost effective.

Our commercial design services also include architectural drawings and construction documents, all of which streamline the process for the client, help you to understand how the project will take shape and keep the architectural design and building process on track.

We’re Not Just the Designers – We are Present for Construction, Provide Owner Representation and More

Our architectural design firm supports your commercial building project at every phase.  We design smartly, protect against problems and keep up with construction.

Our architects serve multiple functions to make your commercial building project run smoothly.  We work as designers to give you the best exterior and interior design space.  Our architecture firm coordinates with the various trades involved in a building project like plumbers, electricians, contractors and others.  We function as an owner representative, articulating and protecting your interests, timeline and budget.

For new construction projects and for building upgrades, our architectural services include designs that are compliant with the California Energy Commission Title 24 to meet building energy efficiency goals.  For both new construction and upgrades, our structural and mechanical design professionals are committed to compliance and to excellence.

Commercial Architectural Design for New Construction

In Irvine, Long Beach, Signal Hill and throughout Southern California, our architectural firm has designed new commercial construction projects including the development of commercial buildings and commercial spaces within strip malls.  Interior design services mean quality design and experience from the inside out, design that satisfies building owners, tenants and customers.

With our more than two decades experience in architectural design services for commercial construction, you can be confident in choosing our architecture firm for your commercial construction projects.

Commercial Architectural Design for Tenant Improvements

Commercial architectural design services are not limited to new construction projects.  Our design team improves existing construction.  From tenant improvements to interior design enhancements, architectural design services for upgrades, compliance and improvements mean more value from your building.

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