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M. Grisafe Architect’s Blog Used as an Example of How to Communicate with Prospective Clients

Recently, we were pleased to learn that our company’s blog has been featured on the Content Marketing Institute’s website in an article titled “How Professional Services Marketers Can Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace”.

The Content Marketing Institute defines professional services companies as businesses that offer “knowledge-based services” such law offices, accounting firms, investment firms, and architectural firms, and explains that such businesses have unique challenges when trying to distinguish themselves in crowded fields (such as architects in Long Beach).

One of the challenges pointed out in the article is that professional services companies have to “sell the invisible—intangible qualities of experience and expertise that resist easy ‘features and functions’ descriptions.”

When we created this website for our business, we didn’t want it to just be an online portfolio of completed projects. We’re not trying to sell you someone else’s dream home or commercial space. Rather, we wanted visitors and potential clients to be able to get a sense of who we are, our philosophy of design, and the kind of experience they can expect to have when working with our Long Beach architectural firm.

By reading our blog, in particular, we hope that readers get a “feel” for what we’re all about. For example, you’ll discover that we enjoy collaborating with our clients on residential and commercial design projects and that we’re very committed to the community of Long Beach.

The article links to this past blog post as an example of content that reflects our company’s philosophy. In it, we explain that while most architects hate any question that starts with “Why can’t we just…”—our architects actually love those types of questions. The article’s author points out that “Readers can easily see how M. Grisafe Architect is different than other bland, staid architectural firms.”

As far as we can tell, we’re one of the few Long Beach architecture firms that includes a blog on their website. Yes, it takes extra time and effort, but we think it’s worth it when clients comment that they called us because they like what we’re all about and they can see themselves working well with an architecture firm like ours. They mention things like our pro bono work and our work with the City of Long Beach that has helped the City Planning Department streamline their plan approval process.

We hope you’ll take a little time to read some of our past blog posts that catch your interest. If you have any additional questions about our firm, or if you’d like to discuss your specific commercial or residential design project, contact us soon. We’d love to hear from you!

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