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How a Long Beach Architecture Firm Keeps Up with Ever-Changing Trends and Technology

There’s a certain type of person known as an “early adopter.” You probably have a friend or two like this. As soon as the latest thing comes out—whatever it is—they have it. It might be the newest smartphone, a television with the latest technology, or when it comes to homes, the most current trends in energy-saving devices or smart home technology. Some of these trends quickly go by the wayside (think laserdisks and pagers), but others change the way we live and work and are incorporated into our everyday lives.

At M. Grisafe Architects, we would probably classify ourselves as “early-ish adopters.” We don’t necessarily use “bleeding edge” technology, but we do try to investigate any new technology that comes out that is relevant to the architecture industry and see if it would be useful for either our Long Beach architecture firm or for our clients’ homes or office buildings.

For example, when other architecture firms were still using hand drawings for design, we were using CAD. When 2D CAD was still standard among architects, we had already begun providing clients with 3D renderings for their residential and commercial design projects. Recently, we began using a new project management software at our Long Beach architecture firm to help our internal processes and make our business run more smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to the products used in our clients’ homes, we don’t necessarily recommend the newest or hottest gadgets/appliances/building materials. We like products to be tested and proven before we recommend them to our clients. We’ve been known to try out products in our own homes, as well as in our Long Beach architecture firm’s office, to get a good idea of how they perform under real life circumstances. Some examples of products we’ve tested in recent years include energy-efficient windows, tankless water heaters, solar panels, and large retractable doors.

Testing out products (or at least doing a good amount of research on products) before we recommend them is one way we work to build trust with our clients. It goes a long way when we tell them, “we think you should use this product because we’ve seen it in action and can confidently tell you that it will work well in your home or office building.” However, for our early adopter clients, we are also happy to help you incorporate the latest and greatest technology and products, if that is something that’s important to you.

At M. Grisafe Architect, we are always growing and evolving as a business. We don’t want to get stuck in a rut. We do our best to stay on top of the latest trends, products, and technology, and not just for the sake of doing something new, but rather to do things in a way that will truly improve the space where you live or work.

If you’d like to know more about our approach to architectural design, contact us at our Long Beach architecture firm. We’d love to talk with you and find out more about your upcoming project.

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