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Why You Should Hire an Architect for Your Tenant Improvement Project in Long Beach

As a Long Beach architect that designs for both residential and commercial clients, one of our specialties is tenant improvement projects. Tenant improvement is a term used to describe the design and construction of the interior of a commercial space to suit the needs of a tenant. You might also hear these types of projects referred to as “build outs.”

Tenant improvement projects can range from changing out the interior finishes like flooring and cabinets, to a complete remodel that includes adding or taking down walls, or making a space ADA compliant.

Sometimes, a landlord of a commercial space in Long Beach will call in architects like us to design a space that will suit the needs of a yet-to-be-identified tenant. In this case, we design a commercial space that will appeal to many different types of tenants. Other times (and these are the projects we especially enjoy), we will be tasked with designing a space for a specific tenant and their unique needs.

Whatever the scope of your tenant improvement project, M. Grisafe Architect can take the project from initial design to completion. We even have an interior design team that can provide the finishing touches like furniture, décor, and fixtures.

The Benefits of Hiring a Long Beach Architect for Tenant Improvements

If you are the landlord of a commercial space in Long Beach, it is to your benefit to hire an architect for your tenant improvement project for several reasons. First of all, improved spaces can command higher rents. So while you will be putting some money into the project upfront, there is usually an excellent return on investment for well-designed spaces. Second, tenant improvements, especially those that are designed for a specific tenant, create a space that tenants want to occupy long-term, since it fits their needs perfectly. As such, landlords can command longer leases, resulting in lower turnover rates.

Completing Long Beach Tenant Improvements On Schedule

Probably even more so than our residential architecture clients, tenant improvement clients are anxious to have the job completed in a timely manner. Landlords are unable to collect rent until their tenant is able to move in, and tenants are often unable to conduct business while their space is under construction.

At M. Grisafe Architect, we completely understand the sense of urgency for all parties involved with tenant improvements. We work hard to give our tenant improvement clients a realistic estimate of when they can expect their space to be finished. We have an excellent working relationship with the City of Long Beach’s Development Services department, which helps to streamline the process of obtaining approvals and permits. We also only work with contractors and tradesmen who have a reputation for completing jobs on schedule.

If you are a Long Beach landlord with a building that needs improvement so you can attract better, higher paying tenants, or if you are a tenant that has been given a tenant improvement allowance and want to work with an architect that can help you come up with creative solutions for your unique needs, M. Grisafe Architect would love to talk with you about your project. Contact us today!

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