Residential Architecture

Residential Architectural Design in Long Beach, Orange and Nearby

As an architectural design firm with years of experience in residential design services, our architectural designers have worked on a variety of residential design projects including custom home design, room addition plans, luxury residential architecture, and architectural design house plans.

Working in Long Beach, the City of Orange and Los Alamitos, our residential architects and architectural design consultants understand California’s Title 24 for Energy Efficiency, structural regulations and requirements, and all that makes architectural design services in Southern California unique.

We listen to our residential clients and give them the architectural design they want, from traditional design to modern residences and luxury residential design.  Our residential architects design full house and partial house remodels and add second stories.  Our residential architects create room addition plans and custom home designs for a variety of styles.

Design for Custom Home Remodels

To us, a home remodel isn’t just about adding more space.  Room additions and remodels are opportunities to re-make your entire home, inside and out – to transform your home into a show-place that better meets the needs of your lifestyle and your aesthetic desires.

Design for New Custom Homes

Though most homeowners try to re-use what they have to keep costs down, sometimes a brand new home is called for.  Our custom home architects know all of the current trends in residential design in both styling and amenities.  We are ready to design the home of your dreams.  Whether you use your home for entertainment or as an oasis, our team of architectural designers and architectural design consultants guide you through the process from site selection through construction all the way to furniture selection.

Let’s Design the Home You’re Meant to Have

Our collaborative architectural design process respects your needs, your budget and your concerns.

Whether you want to remodel your home or build a new custom home, your project is a milestone moment in your life. We do not take this for granted. We promise to give you honest, expert advice. We fight for your needs and we collaborate with you every step of the way. When you retain our architectural firm to design and oversee the creation of your new home, you gain the advice of friends with expert wisdom to guide you.

A successful residential design project means a homeowner who is happy with and proud of the space that our architecture design firm helps to create.

We are an architectural design firm with more than 23 years of experience so we know how important close collaboration with homeowners is to help realize your vision from architectural design plans to your room additions, remodels and custom home projects. Our residential architects help you get what you want for your home, every step of the way.

About Architectural Design for Residential Buildings and Projects

It can be overwhelming to navigate the phases of residential design projects.  We make residential design projects run smoothly for homeowners.  Our architectural design firm meets and exceeds our clients’ goals for their room additions, remodels, custom homes and other residential projects.  We advise on contractors and provide support for homeowners throughout the residential design and building process.

Understanding your concerns, our staff of residential architects as well as our architectural design consultants work to make everything from room planning to architecture design plans and regulations like Title 24 and structural regulations easier to manage so projects are completed in a timely manner.

But We’re Not Just the Designers – We Are Present for Construction, Provide Homeowner Representation and More

Our architectural design firm supports your residential building project at every phase.  We design smartly, protect against problems and keep up with the construction process.

Our architects play many roles to help make your residential building project a success.  We work as designers to create your ideal exterior space and interior design space.  Our architecture firm coordinates with the various trades involved in a building project and functions as your representative, expressing and protecting your interests, timeline and budget.

Residential Architectural Design for New Construction

For new residential design projects, custom home design and room additions, our architectural design services comply with California Energy Commission Title 24 for energy efficiency goals.  When designing for both new homes and remodels, we provide the very best from the outside in; our residential design services includes interior design, for a unique home design experience.

Residential Architecture for Additions and Updates

As a residential architectural firm we work with homeowners to design room additions, remodels and updates.  Our residential design services for additions, remodels and updates span styles to give our clients exactly what they want to make their space unique.  Depending on the type of residential design project you are looking to do, you will work with our modern residential architects, luxury residential architects and other members of our team of residential architects who will make your style come alive in your home.


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