Tenant Improvement

Architect Services for Commercial Tenant Improvement in Long Beach, Irvine and Nearby

Company growth often demands additional space or new space that better meets the changing needs of a company.  A commercial real estate broker can find a building that fulfills most of these requirements. However, specific tenant needs, building code requirements, regular building code changes and the demand for building improvements mean that additional work must be done for a building to fully meet the tenant requirements as well as a local jurisdiction’s energy efficiency and code requirements.

Our firm takes care of commercial space planning, landscaping, electrical and commercial building energy efficiency upgrades and ADA compliance for interior design.  Our experienced staff of tenant improvement specialists and consultants understands the concerns associated with tenant improvement construction, tenant build out and upgrades.  Our tenant improvement contractors provide timely and economical solutions for your building improvements.

Organizations Who Trust Us for Tenant Improvements

Your Tenants Need to be Happy in Their Space

Commercial tenant improvements mean that tenants are comfortable and happy in their space.  This translates to your ability as the building owner to continue to make consistent rental income.  When it comes to tenant improvement projects, whether it’s the construction, build out or building improvements, our tenant improvement contractors are specialists in making your commercial space what it needs to be for your tenants and your bottom line.

Efficient & Reliable Tenant Improvements

We move tenant improvement projects of any size to that key point where stakeholders declare, “We’re back in business.”  No matter who is paying for a tenant improvement project, the clock is ticking. Our experience and command of regulatory challenges, building code compliance and building code requirements helps us execute tenant improvement projects efficiently and effectively. With our tenant improvement specialists on the job, landlords can rest assured that business tenants can get to work – back in business and better than ever.

Read how we helped a laboratory address a problem caused by the previous tenant.

Code Compliance

Our tenant improvement specialists are experts in building code compliance, ADA compliance and energy efficiency compliance.  We understand and address your commercial tenant improvement needs in relation to managing compliance and designing and building within code regulations.

We stay on top of new regulations, updates and changes to building codes and manage commercial space planning and the scope of commercial tenant improvement projects accordingly to maintain compliance with your timeline and budget in mind.

Improvements for Energy Efficiency

Tenant improvement construction can mean major improvements in building energy efficiency for our clients in Long Beach, Irvine and Signal Hill.  Our knowledge of state and local codes, along with the expertise of our tenant improvement contractors means we deliver energy efficiency improvements, long-term cost savings and improved environmental impact for your buildings.

For tenants, energy efficiency improvements that result from our commercial tenant improvements translate to cost savings.  Improved energy efficiency in your commercial tenant improvement projects also means improved functionality and a better experience in your buildings.  All of this makes for happier tenants and better outcomes for building owners.


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