Commercial Landscape

Commercial Landscape Design – Long Beach and Nearby

We Design the Outdoors to Support the Indoors for your Commercial Space

Whatever your business objective is for your commercial space, we give purpose to your commercial landscaping.  Our landscape plans for commercial landscaping are as attractive as they are functional.

Our landscape architects and landscape designers understand that landscaping for the commercially built environment needs to reflect business priorities and resources that are available for the commercial space.   That is why our architectural site plans and landscape architectural renderings take into account not only the space itself but how your business uses the space and what goals you have for your commercial landscape design.

We work with retail business clients seeking to win customers’ hearts before they enter the door to their store by providing commercial landscape lighting, and commercial landscape design that makes customers feel welcome and comfortable.  We implement commercial landscaping and landscape plans for office complexes throughout Signal Hill, Long Beach and Irvine that aim to improve visitors’ first impressions.

Working closely with our landscape design clients, our landscape architects design the outdoors to convey the values of your company including your respect for customers and clients and the experience they have in and around your commercial space.

Landscape Architecture Creates the Outdoor Space Your Business Wants

With years of experience, our expert landscape architects listen to what you want for your commercial space and deliver what you need.  Our landscape architectural renderings reflect the environment, available resources, your brand and the ways you want to connect with the clients and customers who come to your offices and retail spaces.  Landscape design details like landscape lighting and uniquely designed landscape plans ensure that your outdoor space becomes a useful tool to connect you to customers and clients.

Great Landscape Design Connects the Inside to the Outside

Taking into account your commercial space’s architectural design plan, our landscape architects create landscape design plans that extend the beauty, functionality and experience inside your building to the outdoor space.

Our landscape plans demonstrate the importance of creating good space in and around your building.  Our landscape architects work to design landscaping plans that help customers, clients and employees work well, feel comfortable and get the most out of their commercial outdoor and indoor space.


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