Commercial Interiors

Architectural Design for Commercial Interiors – Long Beach and Nearby

Interior design and material selection can be daunting for any scale of commercial building.  When making corporate interior design choices and preparing for designing commercial interiors, building owners face many questions.

What interior design materials are compliant? What commercial interior design materials are the most durable?  Are there particular office interior design materials that project a company’s image clearly?

Our experience designing commercial interiors combined with our knowledge of interior design helps you navigate all of your questions about commercial interior design.  We provide services that include architectural drafting for interior designers, project management, design specifications, space planning, commercial interior design development, construction drawings, furniture specifications and construction administration.

Design for Commercial Interiors

We are an architecture design firm with successful commercial interior design projects throughout Long Beach, Irvine and Signal Hill.  Our office interior design services are prized by building owners, building occupants and visitors.

With the expertise of interior architects like those in our firm, your building will boast commercial interior design that connects to your brand, creates attractive, comfortable workspace and exceeds expectations.

Code Compliance

Designing commercial interiors is not just about creating an attractive aesthetic. Designing commercial interiors also means adhering to commercial building codes and meeting compliance regulations in a way that is timely, efficient and effective.

Working in Long Beach, Irvine and Signal Hill, means we understand California building codes including energy efficiency objectives like Title 24.  When it comes to interior architecture, our interior architects design spaces that are not only attractive and comfortable but also code compliant and valuable for building owners.

Related Interior Design Services

In addition to material selection and architectural drafting for interior designers, we also provide project management, design specifications, space planning and design development.  Our construction drawings and construction documents, furniture specifications and construction administration mean that your commercial interior design projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

More than Just the Design, We Bring the Best to Your Commercial Interior Space

Our staff and consultants assist with the finishing interior design touches like furniture, artwork and making the most of the space available to match the design aesthetic while creating a functional, productive environment.

Interiors: Uplifting Aesthetics and Code Compliance

We ensure your project blends beauty with your business needs.  We design for the complete scope of commercial interior projects. We apply careful study of available finishes, furnishings, fixtures and equipment so the details of form and function intersect perfectly at the bottom line.

From specifying fixtures that function properly and fit the interior design aesthetic to assuring ADA access that complements the interior office design, we give clients confidence in their commercial interior design projects at every stage of the design process.


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