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Full-Service Architect in Long Beach Now Offering Interior Design Services

When I first started my architecture business in Long Beach, my main focus was on the design of floor plans and building exteriors. After all, that’s what architects do, right? Almost immediately after opening our doors, however, I started getting consistent inquiries from my clients about finish materials, appliances, and fixtures. They wanted to know what the best brands were, what features they should be looking for, and which ones they should choose to complement the architectural design plans I had put together for them.

I came to realize that clients were wanting a more full-service experience from our architecture firm—something like you might see on an HGTV show in which the layout of a home is reconfigured, redesigned, and finished, complete with furniture and accessories. My clients were wanting a move-in ready finished product, not just architectural designs on paper.

At first, I responded by providing my clients with a list of the most popular materials, appliances, and fixtures from which they could choose. However, this approach changed when I did a major remodel of my own home. It was then that I realized that there are hundreds, even thousands, of decisions to make when you undertake a remodeling project, and coordinating all of them was no small undertaking. If I was overwhelmed by the amount of design decisions to be made, I could only imagine what some of my clients, having no design experience, were going through!

In addition, materials, appliances, and fixtures are constantly improving and changing. Not only do interior design trends change, but technology steadily marches forward as well. Keeping up with the latest information on products and all of their features could be a full time job in and of itself!

I knew I wanted our Long Beach architecture firm to begin offering the interior design services our clients were asking for, so I began the search for talented interior designers with whom we could partner. We were fortunate to work with several great interior designers, but we knew we had found the right fit to enhance our architectural design when we began working with Heather Ball.

Heather is the founder and owner of Heather Ball Design, and has more than 20 years of experience in interior design, having previously worked as a Design and Project Manager with Interior Architects and The Kor Group. In 2005, she was awarded the Hospitality Design Award for her work on the Sheraton LAX and Sheraton Delfina hotels.

Not only is Heather knowledgeable and talented in interior design, she is also great with clients, and has an amazing ability to adapt to the varied requirements of each project. She is able to put the finishing touches on our architectural designs that our clients are looking for. We are excited for what Heather adds to our services as architects for our Long Beach clients and anticipate working with her for a very long time!

If you are looking for a full-service architecture firm in Long Beach that you can work with from initial design to “the big reveal,” contact M. Grisafe Architect. We’d love to talk with you about your project and find out how we can help you achieve the finished project you’ve been dreaming about.

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