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Mark Grisafe Interviewed on Popular Podcast for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

I recently jumped at an opportunity that was presented to me to appear on a well-known podcast in the small business community called Monday Morning Radio. The host, Dean Rotbart, does weekly interviews with small business owners and business experts around the country and posts them to the Monday Morning Radio website.

Many of the people he interviews conduct their businesses on a national level, so it was quite a privilege for me, as a small business owner who operates at a local level in the Long Beach area, to appear on his show. It soon became clear to me that Dean recognized that the vast majority of small business owners (including those listening to his podcast) also run their business locally and could benefit from hearing about the things we have done at M. Grisafe Architect to achieve success.

Dean believes, and I agree, that many of the branding, positioning and marketing tactics we use can apply to almost any industry, not just architecture firms. We discussed how M. Grisafe Architect has made a name for itself as an architecture firm in Long Beach that treats clients like partners and is dedicated to making the Long Beach community a better place to live and work. The mantra we have adopted—Advise, Advocate and Collaborate—was of particular interest to Dean because he believes it helps us stand out from many other architects. We talked about what that mantra means to us, and how we take the time to understand the needs and desires of our clients and then turn those into a great end result for both our commercial and residential architecture clients.

We also touched on the fact that more and more of our clients are finding us online as a result of our online presence, which shows potential clients who we are and the kind of work they can expect from our architecture firm.

Overall, it was a great experience to be able to communicate to a larger audience about the way in which we do business and what has worked for us in the past ten years since our company was founded.

You can listen to the entire Monday Morning Radio interview between Dean Rotbart and me.


  1. Angie Grisafe De La Rosa says:

    Your interview was very, very interesting and enlightening. The questions you answered proved to be very good for a “2016” entrepreneur subject. Your ideas were inspiring for me. I now plan to be more social media focused for my” A Noteworthy Realty” proprietorship .I will work on a website ( I am only on Facebook and LinkedIn) so far, I will start the blogs too! Thanks for sharing so many good thoughts and your personal experiences. I know you will continue to prosper and grow your business in 2016!! Best Wishes!

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