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Partnering with Modmacro on “Kill the Noise” Book Project

We are excited to announce our partnership in a new project with small business owner Matt Smith of Modmacro, Inc. Matt is in the process of writing and publishing his latest book titled Kill the Noise and M. Grisafe Architects is one of three small business sponsors of the book. The book is being published by Maven Publishing USA and will be available in both hard copy and in digital format.

Here’s a short description of the book from the Kill the Noise website: “Kill the Noise explores the basic premise that small business owners need to develop discipline and focus on what it is they truly do best and avoid the distractions, wasted time and unproductive side projects. The noise. By learning to identify and kill the noise, small businesses can operate more efficiently with a simpler model.”

We chose to be involved with this book project because we believe in the message and how it will impact small business owners and entrepreneurs—teaching them practical lessons in discipline and focus that will help them avoid “the noise.” We are committed to the small business community, of which we are a part, and by partnering with Modmacro on this project we believe we can help strengthen it.

We are hopeful that Kill the Noise will be a great success and look forward to its scheduled June 1st release date.

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