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Treating Clients as Members of our Team Creates Inspiring Outcomes

At M. Grisafe Architects, it is our aim to be relational, not transactional, in the way we do business. What does that mean exactly? To us, that means we treat our clients as a member of our team, rather than just consumers.

We love involving our clients throughout the design process. When clients are willing to discuss with us their aspirations for their home or business, it really helps us create a space that will work for them, and even inspire them.

We’ve found that clients who want us to make all of the decisions for them are not as satisfied at the completion of a project. Because even though architecture is our expertise, you are the expert when it comes to what your wants and needs are in your living or working space. When we can work with our clients, rather than simply for our clients, the end result is always better and the process is more enjoyable.

I was recently asked if I had any interest in designing large, expensive, custom waterfront homes for an investor. While I am not opposed to working on large or expensive projects—I’ve been involved in several projects whose construction costs exceeded a million dollars—I’m not particularly interested in designing spec homes for nameless, faceless families. I enjoy getting to know the people for whom I’m designing. I also enjoy the process, from beginning to end, that results in a space my clients love.

As much as possible, we continue to stay involved with our projects, even after completion. We want our clients to continue to be happy in their homes or buildings long after construction is complete. If minor adjustments need to be made, or something isn’t working just right, we like to be the ones to address those items. This allows us to not only satisfy our clients, but also helps us improve as architects, as we can see how the materials and equipment we use perform in real-world situations.

In the end, we thrive on providing our clients with the highest level of service possible. Our clients are the most important part of what we do. We are passionate about architecture, but even more so, we are passionate about people. If we can deliver to our clients a space that inspires them—that they feel lucky to live or work in—then we have done our job!

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