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Benefiting the Community and Connecting With the Right Clients

In my last blog post, I talked about developing a defined identity and a clear vision for our company in 2015. Since that last post, Businessing Magazine, a national online publication dedicated to small business owners and entrepreneurs, interviewed me for an article about the process of discovering and communicating your business identity, and the benefits of doing so. You can read the complete article here.

As I continue to solidify my company’s identity, I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s important to me personally and what’s important when it comes to my business.

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is working with people. Specifically, people who are moving forward, and those who are inventive and creative. I enjoy helping them solve problems and finding ways to elevate their living or working experiences. This is inspiring to me personally, and gives my work direction and meaning.

Another thing that’s really important to me is community responsibility. I’m always looking for ways to better the community in which I live and work. One way I do this is through the pro bono work our firm does for local charities. However, I also feel the work we do helping businesses and homeowners improve their spaces benefits the community. When I can help a business improve their space, allowing them to provide better service for their customers, the community feels the effects of that. When I help a homeowner remodel their residence into something they love, their pride of ownership can impact an entire neighborhood.

The value in what we do at M Grisafe Architects goes beyond just creating plans that follow a certain set of standards. We are striving to provide the intangible—a feeling that something valuable has been added to your life or work. The same feeling you might get when you purchase a piece of fine art.

We recently completed a home remodel where the client commented that they never thought they would live in such a nice home that felt so perfect for them. This made my day! This is how I hope all of our clients feel at the completion of a project—that they now have something special. Something that lifts their spirits every time they enter the space.

While I continue to ponder things like core values, mission statements and vision statements, my business identity is starting to solidify. By identifying the types of clients that will most benefit from my expertise and passion, and they types of projects I most enjoy doing, things are falling in place.

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