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Beauty in Architecture and in Giving, Mark Grisafe Receives Chai Volunteer Award from Long Beach AJCC

We are pleased to share some news that makes the whole M Grisafe architecture design team proud.  Our owner, Mark Grisafe, recently received the Chai Award for outstanding voluntary service from the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach.  Mark received the award on September 7th at the center’s annual community-wide meeting brunch, attended by members of the Long Beach community, volunteers and staff from the center, and members of the M Grisafe Architect team.

A well-established organization and a fixture of the community, the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach has more than 2,300 members and offers a variety of programs and services to people of all faiths throughout the Long Beach area.  For the past several years, M Grisafe Architects has been providing input and offering guidance for many of the center’s building related issues and concerns.  This has included Mark helping the center with some small construction projects and answering questions about architecture design related to current and upcoming projects. 

As the architectural resource for the Long Beach center’s Facilities Task Force, Mark has been recognized as instrumental in many of the center’s recent architecture improvement projects.

For Mark, this kind of giving back to the community is nothing new.  He credits his family with raising him with the values of charitable giving and service that he continues to make a part of his daily life.  In fact, Mark can’t recall a time when he wasn’t involved in a service organization or charitable project of some type.

Building the charitable spirit into the company’s business model was an obvious choice for Mark.  The ability to use his knowledge of architecture and his architecture design experience to help fellow members of the community is enjoyable and fulfilling.  But Mark emphasizes that the real reward, as he has found time and again, is that he has had the opportunity to meet so many good people.  Some of those he meets on projects and through charitable organizations become clients, others become friends, and often both.

Join the M Grisafe Architect team, the Alpert Jewish Community Center and fellow members of the Long Beach community in congratulating Mark and applauding the work of all who volunteer their time and talents at the AJCC.  We look forward to doing even more to make Long Beach an even better place to live and work and to continuing to bring beauty to our community through architecture and through service.

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